The USS Missouri. She’s among the most decorated battleships in United States naval history. Her legendary engineering, her heroic commanders and crews – they and the backing of the world’s most powerful navy combined to make Mighty Mo the overwhelming odds-on favorite against any foe that went up against her.

From the time she glided down the slipway at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York City to the moment the delegation from the government of Japan stood, humbled, upon her teak deck to sign the instrument of unconditional surrender at the end of World War II, and from Korea to Vietnam and beyond, the USS Missouri was a warship unlike any other.

For almost 50 years, the USS Missouri and her colossal 16-inch guns served with honor and distinction defending and then safeguarding America’s interests across the globe.

This site is dedicated to preserving the memory of the USS Missouri’s remarkable career and to honoring the heroes who served aboard her.
Here you can read about the USS Missouri’s most notable battles, trace her service history, and follow the paths of those who helped give Mighty Mo her soul – from the great admirals of World War II to the enlisted men of the Gulf War. Let be your guide.


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